ACAwise: A Reporting Solution For A Large Municipality

Here at ACAwise, we are proud to serve a number of different types of businesses entities across a wide variety of industries. While you may suspect that we serve a large number of Large Applicable Employers, Certified Professional Organizations, and Third Party Administrators, you may not expect that we serve several municipalities. 

We are becoming more and more aware of these organizations’ specific needs, here is an example! 

More Than A “One Size Fits All” Solution

You may think of a municipality and say, “Oh, local government, that’s a pretty small organization.” Well, that is not always the case, this particular municipality employs about 20,000 individuals.

That’s actually a very large organization with many different departments and positions. An organization this size needs a fully automated solution to accurately maintain their ACA reporting documentation. That’s where ACAwise comes in. 

Here are a few of the specific data points that ACAwise created specific tracking solutions:

  • Individuals with fully-insured coverage
  • Individuals using COBRA coverage
  • Rehires

Covering All Of the Bases

The ACA reporting process has many facets. There is tracking compliance from month to month, maintaining employee data, and the actual filing and recipient copy distribution process.

The ACAwise software was able to take all of this information, validate it and generate the IRS codes for each employee based on this data. The comprehensive validations included the following:

  • TIN Matching for employee social security numbers
  • USPS validations for recipient copies
  • Data Integrity checks
  • IRS Business rules

Staying Ahead From Start to Finish

The ACAwise ensures that all clients, even large municipalities, are able to easily complete their IRS mandated requirements. Our team creates a flexible plan for ACA reporting based on the specific needs of the organization. Our services aren’t limited to the ACA reporting season, we can assist with monthly compliance tracking, prior year filing, and retransmissions of rejected forms. 

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