Today is the IRS E-file Deadline for ACA Forms 1094/1095: Take Action to Avoid IRS Penalties

Need to file but can't make today's deadline? Read this blog for your next stepd!
IRS E-file Deadline for 2023 ACA Forms

Today, April 1, 2024, is a major deadline for ACA reporting, impacting all Applicable Large Employers (ALEs), insurance providers, PEOs, and other TPAs. 

By this date, they must e-file their ACA 1094 and 1095-B/C Forms with the IRS. Non-compliance can lead to serious repercussions.

Navigating ACA Reporting: Risks and Solutions

Late ACA Reporting Risks with the IRS

Just like with other IRS filing requirements, failure to meet ACA Reporting deadlines and requirements can result in significant consequences. The costs of IRS penalties for this type of reporting can escalate rapidly. 

That’s where ACAwise comes in. We’ve got everything you need to get back on track and meet those requirements ASAP, saving you from costly IRS penalties.

Streamlining ACA Reporting with ACAwise Solutions

ACAwise, the leading ACA reporting vendor, offers tailored e-filing solutions designed to streamline the process for businesses. With customizable features and expert guidance, ACAwise ensures accurate ACA Form generation based on employers’ data. Our additional services, such as postal mailing and TIN Matching, further simplify compliance.

Meeting the Deadline: Options and Assistance

For organizations unable to meet the deadline, there are options available to avoid IRS penalties. Mandated ACA reporters can opt for an Extension Form 8809, granting an additional 30 days for completing and e-filing ACA Forms. Through, ACAwise’s sister product, organizations can swiftly file an 8809 Extension and receive instant IRS updates on its status.

Navigating ACA Compliance with ACAwise Support

After filing an extension, we encourage organizations to contact ACAwise for assistance in navigating the ACA filing process. While timely filing may not always be feasible, filing slightly late is far preferable to not filing at all. The Ftends to respond more favorably to organizations acting in good faith, and delaying filing only increases the risk of substantial ACA penalties.

Ensure Compliance Today: Start the Process with ACAwise

Don’t let ACA reporting deadlines pass you by. Take action now to ensure compliance and avoid costly penalties. Contact ACAwise today for expert guidance and comprehensive solutions tailored to your business’s needs.

Reach out for a free quote today! 

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