Your Ultimate Last-minute Guide to The 1095-C Codes 2017

IRS Form 1095 C

As a business owner or HR professional, Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting is complicated enough. But, understanding the codes does not have to be with our last-minute guide “Understanding 1095-C Codes” 2017 edition. This guide can make your reporting and Employers Mandate compliance a little smoother and ensure you are submitting ACA forms error-free.

Your Ultimate Last-minute Guide to The 1095-C Codes 2017

The IRS created two sets of codes to provide employers with a consistent way to report employees healthcare coverage. Each code is used to indicate unique scenarios regarding coverage or to give an explanation as to why an employee was not offered coverage.

1095-C Codes Explained

ACA Form 1095 C is used to provide your employees information about their healthcare coverage and benefits for tax filing purposes. Here is what is included in 1095 Form 2017 edition:

  • Line 14- What coverage was offered to employees?
  • Line 15- Was the healthcare coverage affordable?
  • Line 16- Did the employee accept the employer-provided healthcare coverage?

ACAWise: Guide to 1095-C Codes 2017 Edition

You can download this last-minute guide to reference while preparing your ACA annual reporting.


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