Today Is Your ACA Recipient Copy Deadline… Do You Need To Call In An Expert?

The clock is ticking! Today is the ACA recipient copy deadline. Have you mailed your Form 1095 copies to your employees? The IRS requires you to have them postmarked on March 2, 2020!

Are you still struggling to get your ACA filing in order? You are not alone. Luckily the IRS is slightly more forgiving when it comes to recipient copies than they are when it comes to reporting directly to them on March 31. 

You must act now! If you are still struggling, it is time to call in a professional. ASAP. While you may be in a rush to catch up with your deadlines, you shouldn’t rush into choosing your ACA reporting vendor. You must choose a vendor that will be able to handle your needs, even at the last minute. 

Here is what you need to be looking for in a reporting provider


If nothing else, be sure that your ACA reporting provider is an IRS authorized e-file provider, without this credential, they are unable to transmit your forms to the IRS. Your Ideal ACA reporting provider will have an in-house ACA expert to advise you throughout the process. You should also consider whether form corrections state filing are supported. 

Data Handling

You are giving this provider your sensitive data! Be sure that they are able to handle it properly and professionally. If you have a high volume of data, your provider must be equipped for large scale reporting. Ask where your data is being stored, is it a secure server? Do you need your ACA codes generated? Not all providers will have this capability. 

Print/Mail Solution

Your recipient copies must be postmarked by March 2, 2020, at this point you may not have time to print and mail your own forms. You need a provider who can handle this for you so that you can meet your deadline. 

ACAwise provides a complete checklist to help you choose the right ACA reporting vendor.

Choosing ACAwise…The Easiest Way To Stay IRS Compliant

ACAwise offers solutions to accommodate the user with little to no experience with ACA reporting all the way up to the most highly experienced user. ACAwise services remove the burden of complicated filing by providing accurate, timely filing with very little work on the client’s end. Highly customizable solutions are catered to meet each client’s needs, and range from basic to complete. The level of assistance desired will determine the amount of data that the client will need to provide. 

Want an easier reporting experience for Tax Year 2020? Ask our experts about monthly compliance monitoring. We can track your employees hours so that you don’t have to each month!

The IRS e-file deadline is serious business. The sooner you reach out to ACAwise, the sooner we can come up with a plan to reach your deadlines and maintain your IRS compliance. 

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