How To Easily Make Your Work From Home Policies Effective

Studies show that employees that work from home tend to save employers money, have increased productivity, and give most employees the flexibility that they desire. As with any type of employment, those who do remote work should have policies, expectations, and guidelines in place to ensure they adequately perform their job. With remote work becoming more popular, especially in specific fields, it is important to know how to easily make your work from home policies effective.

Are your company's work from home policies effective?

How To Easily Make Your Work From Home Policies Effective

Set Guidelines

While work from home jobs have policies that vary, all employees should know when it is okay for them to work remote and when they should be in the office. Vague policies lead to unnecessary friction and confusion. Take time to think about and analyze various scenarios that you would and would not allow remote work employees to complete their jobs from home. Make these scenarios very clear and put them in writing so all parties understand what is expected.

Make Your Expectations Known

Many companies never reach their full potential because they rarely communicate their expectations to employees clearly. Clear and direct expectations are vital to the success of work from home jobs. Here are some things you should assess:

  • Are employees that do remote work required to “clock-in” or begin work at a specific time?
  • Is it a requirement to respond to messages, emails, and voicemails by a certain time?
  • Should breaks or lunch times be reported?
  • Do remote work employees need to virtually attend meetings?

Have the answers to these questions prior to hiring a candidate for remote work. These questions may also arise during an interview, so it always good to be prepared!

Be Positive

When running a team with individuals that work from home or in the office, be mindful of what you say and keep a positive attitude. The slightest remark with a negative connotation regarding those that work remotely can cause division between your team, especially those that do not have the option to work from home.

To avoid this type of discord to arise within your company, take a few moments to educate all employees on remote work facts and the employment benefits and cons that come with it. Clarity and understanding go a long way!

Protect Your Work From Home Policies

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