How Are You Filing Form 941 Later This Month?

As a business owner, you’ve got to keep track of a lot of tax forms. Not only are you still on the hook for Affordable Care Act Forms that report health insurance information, you also have that pesky quarterly business tax form that keeps popping up every few months.

So while you’ve still got a few more months before you need to start getting things together to e-file your 1095 Forms, one of those deadlines for Form 941 is coming up at the end of this month.

Second Quarter Taxes are Due
That’s right: it’s time once again to file Form 941, the Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. This time around, we’re filing for the second quarter of 2017, which includes tax information from April, May, and June of this year. To complete your second quarter Form 941, you’ll need to make sure you have your federal tax withholding and employee salary information from that time.

Paper Filing vs. E-filing
Now, there are two ways to file your Form 941: on paper or electronically. When you paper file, you’ll need to make sure you’ve gotten an IRS-approved 941 Form and fill out everything by hand. Then, it’s time to head down to the post office with your completed 941 Form and a check for your tax payment and mail them off to the IRS.

E-filing, on the other hand, cuts out all those extra steps. All you have to do is complete a 941 Form online (with an IRS-authorized e-file provider, of course) and transmit the form directly to the IRS. If needed, you can even pay any taxes due through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) while you e-file.

Basically, while there are two ways to file Form 941, e-filing is a more secure method that leaves less room for error, so we recommend e-filing.

Where to E-file Form 941
And we wouldn’t recommend e-filing Form 941 anywhere other than with our sister product, TaxBandits! Built by the team that brought you ACAwise – so you know you can trust it – TaxBandits simplifies the Form 941 filing process even further by breaking down the form into a simple Q & A style interview. Once you’ve finished filling in your information, all you need to do is review your form, set up how you’re going to pay any taxes due (through EFT or other means), and transmit your form directly to the IRS!

Keep in mind that when you e-file Form 941, you’ll need to e-sign the form, which you can do with an Online Signature PIN or by completing Form 8453-EMP. With ExpressTaxFilings, you can easily complete and file this separate form along with your 941 Form or you can use your IRS-issued Online Signature PIN or apply for one directly from your account!

For more information on e-filing Form 941 or about your quarterly tax return, you can give ExpressTaxFilings a call and you’ll experience the same friendly, expert customer support you’re used to with ACAwise! They’re available by phone (704-684-4751), live chat, and email at [email protected]!

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