ACA State Filing Simplified: Meet Your Massachusetts and California Deadlines for the 2023 Tax Year with ACAwise

ACAwise stands ready to assist businesses in meeting their compliance requirements - starting with these MA & CA state deadlines!
ACA state filing deadlines

January is not just about ringing in the New Year; it’s also a month filled with tax-related deadlines, including the well-known Forms 1099 and W-2 due on January 31st. However, there’s another set of deadlines that employers and service providers in certain states, like Massachusetts and California, need to be aware of – Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting.

Understanding State-Level ACA Reporting:

The Affordable Care Act initially imposed a federal mandate requiring individuals and their dependents to maintain health insurance coverage. While this mandate was eliminated, states like Massachusetts and California took matters into their own hands, enacting their own mandates. Some states align with federal deadlines for ACA reporting, while others set separate ones.

Critical Deadlines for Massachusetts and California:

Residents of Massachusetts are required to file Form 1099-HC, known as the Individual Mandate Massachusetts Health Care Coverage, by January 31, 2024. In California, employers and providers must submit either ACA Form 1095-B or Form 1095-C, with the deadline for distributing recipient copies also set for January 31, 2024.

Introducing ACAwise: Your All-Inclusive ACA Reporting Partner:

For those seeking a comprehensive ACA reporting solution, look no further than ACAwise. Their expert team handles every aspect of ACA Form 1095 filing, ensuring accuracy by generating forms with the necessary codes and validations at each stage. From e-filing with the IRS and State to distributing copies, ACAwise simplifies the entire process for its clients.

Tailored Services for Every Business’s Needs:

ACAwise offers scalable service options tailored to meet the specific needs and comfort levels of businesses with ACA reporting. Whether you’re comfortable generating your own ACA codes or prefer a professional team to handle them, ACAwise has you covered.

  • ACA Elite: Designed for clients who prefer professionals to generate ACA Form 1095-C codes based on provided employee health coverage data, this service also includes a solution for e-filing ACA Forms 1095-B/C with the IRS and their state.

Customize Your Reporting Process with Flexible Features:

Businesses can further enhance their ACA reporting process by adding flexible features to both ACA Core and ACA Elite services:

Postal Mailing: Ensures compliance with paper copy requirements, including USPS validations.

  • Online Access: Provides a secure portal for recipients to view and download forms. Data Validations: Ensures accuracy through IRS rules and TIN Matching, available for both Elite and Core packages.


As Massachusetts and California approach their ACA reporting deadlines, ACAwise stands ready to assist businesses in meeting their compliance requirements. With tailored services and flexible features, ACAwise ensures that businesses of all sizes can navigate the intricate landscape of ACA reporting with ease. Get started with ACAwise today and simplify your ACA reporting journey.

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