ACA Form Corrections

ACA Form Corrections

So you’ve gotten everything in line regarding your Affordable Care Act compliance. You’ve even completely filled out and securely filed your ACA Forms 1094 and 1095 – and ahead of time too!

But, uh-oh. What’s this?

You’ve received notice from the IRS that your ACA return has only been partially accepted or rejected altogether due to form errors? What does partially accepted even mean? And what do you need to do now?

First things first, when your forms are processed by the IRS, they’ll either be accepted, rejected, or accepted with errors. The only instance when you don’t need to take further action is if your return is accepted. Otherwise, it’s time to jump back into ACA filing.

Like any other information return, as soon as you realize you need to file ACA corrections, you’ll need to start work doing so. The ACA reporting penalties apply to corrected returns filed late to amend previously filed returns, so you don’t want to wait til the last minute to get things fixed.

The correctable ACA Forms are Form 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1095-C. You can make a correction to any of these forms when the IRS notifies you (or when you notice) one or more errors on the forms you filed.

On Form 1094-C, you may need to correct:

  • -the name or EIN of the employer/ALE member or designated government entity,
  • -the total number of 1095-C Forms accompanying the transmittal form,
  • -the aggregated group membership or indicator,
  • -certifications of eligibility,
  • -minimum essential coverage (MEC) indicator,
  • -full-time employee count, or
  • -section 4980H relief indicator.
On Forms 1095-B or 1095-C, you may need to correct:
  • -the employer EIN,
  • -the employee/recipient name and SSN,
  • -the offer of coverage,
  • -the premium amount, or
  • -safe harbor or other relief codes.

Whether your return was accepted with errors or outright rejected, ACAwise can help get your corrected forms in as quickly as possible. And if you filed your original return with ACAwise, we can help get them done even faster than that!

If you filed your return with ACAwise and it’s rejected or you need to make corrections, simply log back into your ACAwise account and follow the directions to amend and re-file your return. If you filed elsewhere, that’s fine! Just create an ACAwise account and, once at your dashboard, follow the steps to file ACA correction forms.

If you try to file corrections with the IRS or elsewhere, you could be facing a lot of complicated coding and guesswork to make sure your forms are corrected properly. With ACAwise, it’s as simple as following the built-in instructions created by the IRS e-filing experts behind ACAwise and securely re-transmitting your returns with the IRS.

For questions regarding ACA e-filing (corrections or otherwise!), don’t hesitate to contact our all-star support team, right here in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We’re available by phone (704-954-8420) and live chat as well as by email at [email protected].

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