5 Common HR Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Human resources is a complex and multifaceted position. Mistakes can easily happen, however, some human resource mistakes are more common than others. To help your business run smoothly here are five common HR mistake you can avoid.

5 Common HR Mistakes You Can Avoid

1. Not Keeping Documents and Contracts

One error that results in wasted time and money is missing records and/or contracts from your business’s human resources system. Auditors will commonly find appraisal notes, contracts of employment, disciplinary warnings, employment authorizations, and visas missing within human resources systems. To avoid this mistake, check all records to ensure that all required documents are present.

2. Failing to On-Board New Staff Members

When your business gains a new staff member, it is imperative that you issue an employment contract immediately. Employment contracts are how necessary details are obtained by your employee. Without an agreement, your new employee is not informed of company policy, and this can lead to disputes. The contract is a signed document that lists the terms of the employment relationship.

3. Not Training Employees

Failing to train your employees properly is a short-sighted and negligent way businesses fail their staff members as well as themselves. Proper training includes everything from initialing harassment guidelines to managerial training. Failing to train your employees will open the door to potential lawsuits for not providing essential training.

4. Not Document Conversations

Often human resource personnel and managers fail to follow the appropriate processes. This includes failing to document important conversations requiring disciplinary action. Businesses are legally obligated to adhere to legislative frameworks. If these are not followed your business is at risk of legal action. Documentation often stops issues from going further, but without the proper document, claims are usually awarded in the employee’s favor.

5. Not Resolving Long-Standing Issues

Probably the biggest mistake human resources or business owner can make is failing to solve long-standing performance issues. The impact of inadequate staff performance is significant in a business and will affect the performance of diligent staff members.

Speak with the individual or group one-on-one and apply sound reasoning along with a solution. If you are unaware of the performance of your staff check your businesses performance review process and be sure to assign regular follow-ups.

Correctly File ACA Reports to Ensure Compliance

In addition to the mistake listed above businesses continue to struggle with ACA compliance. While we can’t help you with your daily HR tasks, we can help you with your ACA reporting and compliance. ACAWise is your one-stop destination for ACA reporting and compliance. Our real-time tracking feature allows you to track employee benefits data to ensure your employees are eligible for coverage and keep your business compliant with ACA regulations.

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