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This name also appears in the Matricula de Tributos, a surviving Aztec tribute record, which later formed part of the Codex Mendoza. At the center of the false stairway are true stairs leading upwards under an arch to the first level of the palace. [22] The publication of the pyramid's existence in the Gaceta influenced academic circles in New Spain and Europe, attracting the attention of antiquarians José Antonio de Alzate y Ramírez and Ciriaco Gonazlez Carvajal, who wrote about it. To further this effect, the inside of the frets were painted dark red and the exterior portion light blue, similar to turquoise. Each of these consists of a sloping base wall called a talud and a vertical wall called a tablero, which was fairly common in Mesoamerica. Im frühen 19. Revillagigedo-Inselgruppe (2016), Kultur-/Naturerbe: [48], Just east of Tajin Chico is an area of valley floor. A figure dressed as an eagle dances in front while a skeletal deity flies above and the death deity rises from liquid. Dann begeben sich die vier Winde auf die Spitze des Stamms. [56], The southeast panel illustrates the opening ritual when the principal participant is elaborately dressed and is being handed a bundle of spears. El uso del nicho, tan característico en el estilo Tajín es moderado, con excepción del Edificio 16 que muestra en cada cuerpo una hilada de nichos, algo parecido a la Pirámide de los Nichos. Inseln und geschützte Gebiete im Golf von Kalifornien (2005) | [2], El Tajín, named after the Totonac rain god,[3] was named a World Heritage site in 1992, due to its cultural importance and its architecture. El tajin historia - Nehmen Sie unserem Testsieger. Wir haben es uns zum Lebensziel gemacht, Alternativen aller Variante zu analysieren, dass Sie zuhause schnell und unkompliziert den El tajin historia bestellen können, den Sie zuhause für gut befinden. The four end panels have scenes relating to the ritual of the ball game that result in entreaties to the gods. The third story begins with a wall of niches and no visible stairs. The stones are arranged in controlled lines and delicate proportions. Access to the top of the pyramid, where the temple once stood, is via a double staircase on the east side. In addition, the Danza de los Voladores is enacted at the entrance to the site and is considered a requirement for visitors. The panels on the ends show scenes from the ballgame itself and the center panels show responses from the gods. Access to the first level of the pyramid, which is lined with niches, is via a single staircase on the west side or a double staircase on the east side. El Tajin also shows influence from Classic era Maya cities. [1], Kulturerbe: El Tajin was founded following the abandonment of the city of Teotihuacan. [12], El Tajín prospered until the early years of the 13th century, when it was destroyed by fire, presumably started by an invading force believed to be the Chichimecs. There are numerous buildings in this section but many are not accessible to visitors due to the lack of trails and many have yet to be explored. The two lower levels are adorned with larger niches as is the top of the stairway divider. [11], While ballcourts are common in Mesoamerica, El Tajin distinguishes itself by having seventeen. It is part of one of the last building complexes built at El Tajín. El Tajin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and jewel of Mexico's Gulf Coast. 1992 wurde El Tajín zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe. März 2015 wurde die Gedenkstätte in das Internationale Register für Kulturgut unter Sonderschutz der Haager Konvention zum Schutz von Kulturgut bei bewaffneten Konflikten aufgenommen. It was prominent in ancient times as well. Weniger als ein Viertel der Stätte wurde bisher ausgegraben. The building was covered in cement several times over its history, and each layer of this cement was painted in blue rather than the more common red. Another feature shared only with the Mayans is the use of a light blue paint. [34] The market that filled this plaza consisted of stalls made with sticks and cloth offering regional products such as vanilla as well as products from other parts of Mesoamerica such as jaguar skins, exotic birds such as the parrot and the macaw and quetzal feathers. A large quantity of sculpture was recovered from this pyramid. It is an immense acropolis composed of numerous palaces and other civil structures. El Tajin Ruins are numerous, and while the World Heritage Site is interesting to wander alone, expert guides are available for travelers looking to learn even more about the history, culture and traditions of the Totonac from a resident expert. [58], The Cumbre Tajin is an annual artistic and cultural festival which is held at the site in March. [42] The roof of Building C was more than 1,600 square feet (150 m2) in size and covered two rooms on the west side as well as main room which opened to the east through five piers. The site museum is also located here. These fields not only produced staples such as corn and beans but luxury items such as cacao. It has become the focus of the site because of its unusual design and good state of preservation. The merchant deity found here has features more in common with this kind of deity in the central highlands of Mexico than of Tajín. At the center of the scene is a temple with the rain and wind gods seated on top and a vat of liquid within. The stones, especially around the niches are fitted together as to need a minimum amount of lime and earth mortar. [6] In total there have been 20 ballcourts discovered at this site, (the last 3 being discovered in March 2013). Dieser Ball war ein harter Kautschuk-Ball, weshalb die Spieler auch einen großen Gürtel, von welchem steinerne Abbildungen existieren, trugen. The Cumbre Tajin is considered to be an identity festival of the Totonacs, who are considered to be the guardians of El Tajín. The name Tajín means "thunder" in the Totonac language. Um 1200 wurde die Stätte wieder verlassen. [34][35] The east and west pyramids of the arroyo group each held three temples at the top. Background. Vorkolumbische Stadt Chichén Itzá (1988) | Die Voladores begaben sich eine Woche vor dem Ritual auf die Suche nach einem geeigneten Baum. However, the one on the northeast side has been completely destroyed due to centuries-old trail that was used when this area was still jungle. [12] The borders of the city's residential areas have not yet been defined but is the entire site is estimated at 2,640 acres (10.7 km2). [16] The pace of this societal progression became more rapid with the rise of the neighboring Olmec civilization around 1150 BCE, although the Olmecs were never here in great numbers. Agavenlandschaft und historische Tequila-Produktionsstätten (2006) | El Tajin a été inscrit au patrimoine mondial en 1992, en raison de l’importance historique de son architecture et de son ingénierie [1], [3]. At their waists are the protective and ritual accoutrements which are very similar to the stone yokes, palmas and hachas common in elite burials. Originally the structure was painted a dark red with the niches in black intended to deepen the shadows of the recessed niches. This is the only multistoried palace found outside the Mayan areas. This seems to have been the most important god of the culture as other depictions are found in other places at the site. Denkmalbereich von Tlacotalpan (1998) | [8], Its significance is due to its size and unique forms of art and architecture. Aquädukt von Padre Tembleque (2015), Naturerbe: [17][37], The ritual function of the building is not primarily calendaric. The facade depicts a false stairway and balustrades of stepped frets capped by niches. Altstadt von Zacatecas (1993) | The first is the Great Xicalcoluihqui, or the Great Enclosure. Er setzt sich gen Osten und beginnt, mit einer kleinen Trommel und einer Flöte zu spielen, während die vier Winde sich drehend das Seil um den Unterleib wickeln. Eine bedeutende Rolle spielte der Ort um das Jahr 800 im Reich der Totonaken. The sculpted panels on these walls remain largely intact and show in step-by-step fashion how the ball game was played here, complete with ceremonies, sacrifice and the response of the gods. Der bekannteste ist der Juego de Pelota Sur mit 60 m Länge. In front is a sacrifice victim with his entrails slung over a frame. The unreconstructed north side has a large indentation made by looters before the site was protected by guards. El Tajin is located near the coast of eastern Mexico and was an important Mesoamerican centre which flourished between 900 and 1100 CE. Panorama of El Tajin Archaeological Site - Veracruz - … [12] These two streams provided the population's potable water. Danach lassen sich die vier Winde kopfüber langsam mit 13 Drehungen auf die Erde nieder. By the 1970s, the site was one of the few in Veracruz state that attracted significant numbers of tourists. Spectators could watch events from Building 5 to the north and Building 6 to the south as well as from stands built on one side of the court. The Tajin belongs to the Totonaca culture. El Tajín (spanisch-totonakisch „Der Blitz“) ist eine präkolumbische Ruinenstadt nahe der Ostküste Mexikos bei der Stadt Papantla, südöstlich von Poza Rica de Hidalgo im Bundesstaat Veracruz. Visit El Tajin: History El Tajin is your one stop shop for everything that Mesoamerican Veracruz has to offer… excellent ruins, voladores & the Pueblo Magico base town of Papantla. The city is set in the low rolling mountains that lead from the Sierra Madre Oriental to the Gulf coast near the Tecolutla River. The sculpture is similar in style to the carved stone yokes of Veracruz. [54], Portions of the panels and friezes are worn to the point that large areas are incomplete. The entrance is on the south side of the building and is quite elaborate. [11] Total site extends for 1,056 hectares (4.08 sq mi). However, the lower level of the building is not rooms but a solid base. Buried under all of this is a smaller stricter with taluds but no niches. El Tajín | Arqueología Mexicana El Tajín llamó la atención de los estudiosos desde finales del siglo XVIII, época en que se publicaron las imágenes de la Pirámide de los Nichos por primera vez. Der ausgesuchte Baumstamm musste mindestens 25 m hoch und die Seillänge genau abgemessen sein, damit die vier fliegenden Voladores exakt 13 Umkreisungen des Stammes erreichen, welche einen Zeitraum von 52 (4x13) Jahren symbolisieren. Müller … [27] The finished roofs were nearly a meter thick and almost perfectly flat. The pyramids here are primitive in comparison to the rest of the site, with niches that are not as finely formed. [4], At the end of the Classic period, El Tajín survived the widespread social collapse, migrations and destructions that forced the abandonment of many population centers at the end of this period. [14] The site has no major settlements located next to it. The court is 87 feet (27 m) long, which is considered to be unusually small and has vertical rather than sloping walls. Sie wendet sich diesen nacheinander zu und tanzt auf der Spitze. Stepped frets are seen in other parts of Mesoamerica but rarely to this extent. The cement could not be poured all at once but rather in successive layers. It had been thrown down from the top of the pyramid in ancient times and broken. The seven stories of the pyramid are composed of gently sloping walling divided into panels of varying widths. Jest to jedno z największych miast wybudowanych w trakcie ery klasycznej na terenie Ameryki Środkowej. Archeological evidence shows that a village existed here at the time the Spanish arrived and the area has always been considered sacred by the Totonacs. The city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in the 1990s as all the monuments at El Tajín, including their surrounding landscape, have survived virtually unaltered over the centuries, hidden from man by the tropical jungle. [8], Air pollution from oil-drilling platforms and power stations along the coast causes high levels of acid rain in the region, which is eroding the intricately carved reliefs on the soft limestone buildings “at an alarming rate”, according to Humberto Bravo of the University of Mexico's Center for Atmospheric Sciences in 2007. Ubicado en el estado de Veracruz, El Tajín es uno de los muchos sitios arqueológicos importantes de México. [6] Unlike the highly rigid grid patterns of ancient cities in the central highlands of Mexico, the builders of El Tajin designed and aligned buildings as individual units. It became the most important centre in north-east Mesoamerica after the fall of the Teotihuacan Empire. [49], Building 3 or the Blue Temple has some features that set it apart from other pyramids at the site. The most impressive of these panels are on the South Ballcourt which contain images of underworld deities and a ballplayer being decapitated in order to approach the gods and ask for pulque for his people. The top of the pyramid contains two platforms, both of which are decorated with stepped frets. The sides of the enclosure are formed by a slender platform with sloping sides and free standing niches, resembling the Pyramid of the Niches. One tells the story of 13 Rabbit, a ruler of El Tajin who probably had the building constructed. The larger tablets have depictions of the rain god, or a ruler dressed as the deity, involved in several ritual or mythological scenes. [41] Tajin Chico is so named because it was initially thought to be a separate but related site. La mayor parte de este sitio todavía está sin excavar. Slaves for service and sacrifice were also sold here. [21] While the city had been completely covered by jungle from its demise until the 19th century, it is unlikely that knowledge of the place was completely lost to the native peoples. However, there are no records by any Europeans about the place prior to the late 18th century. No sculpture is known to have come from this building and nothing of the temple at the top remains. The web's source of information for Ancient History: definitions, articles, timelines, maps, books, and illustrations. From the early centuries, objects from Teotihuacan are abundant. The deep niches imitate caves, which long have been considered to be passageways to the underworld, where many of the gods reside. There are scrolls indicating speech from the sacrifice as well as a depiction of the skeletal god. [51], Just south of Buildings 3 and 23 is Building 15, which is only partially excavated. However the city also had communities located on the hills east and west of the main city, with mostly lower-class dwellings. Präkolumbische Stadt und Nationalpark von Palenque (1987) | The false stairs were originally adorned with scroll motifs done in blue and yellow paint, but very little remains. At the top of the stairway were probably two large three-dimensional stelae. [11] Another unusual feature is that this plaza has no smaller structures such as buildings or altars to break up the space. Panorama of El Tajin Archaeological Site - Veracruz - Mexico - 03 (16023078345).jpg 4,912 × 1,080; 1.87 MB. 1785 wurde die Stätte von Diego Ruiz wiederentdeckt, nachdem die Spanier wahrscheinlich bereits im 16. It has vertical sides and is about 213 feet (65 m) long. [6][19] The rapid rise of Tajin was due to its strategic position along the old Mesoamerican trade routes. Am 30. The friezes running along the upper edges of the court are composed of interlocking scroll figures, each containing a central element of a head and an eye. [20] Most of the population lived in the hills surrounding the main city,[13] and the city obtained most of its foodstuffs from the Tecolutla, Nautla and Cazones areas. It is unknown if the similarity between this building and the Pyramid of the Niches indicates a relationship between the two. Voladores come from as far as San Luis Potosi and Guatemala. He eventually cleared 77 acres (310,000 m2), uncovering more buildings and proposed that it be called “The Archeological City of El Tajín.” Starting from 1938, excavation and reconstruction work was sponsored by INAH and headed by Jose Garcia Payon,[15] uncovering platforms, ballcourts and part of Tajín Chico with its palaces. El Tajín was left to the jungle and remained covered and silent for over 500 years. It controlled the flow of commodities, both exports such as vanilla and imports from other locations in what is now Mexico and Central America. Zur Zeit der Azteken war El Tajin bereits verlassen. Denkmalensemble von Querétaro (1996) | Unlike the rest of the city, these four buildings are uniform in height and nearly symmetrical. Most of the remains of these columns are on display at the site museum. By this time, he had uncovered most of the major buildings and established that Tajín was one of the most important cities of ancient Mexico. [6], Since becoming a World Heritage Site, research and conservation efforts have been made to promote knowledge of and protect the site. El Tajín (spanisch-totonakisch Der Blitz) ist eine präkolumbische Ruinenstadt nahe der Ostküste Mexikos bei der Stadt Papantla, südöstlich von Poza Rica de Hidalgo im Bundesstaat Veracruz. The three figures are all dressed in the garments and symbols of the ballgame. Located in the state of Veracruz, El Tajin was at its height from the early 9th to the early 13th century. The upper level was adorned with stepped frets and scrolls as well. Culture; History; Science; Travel Tips; Worldschooling; Making a Difference; Work With Us. Es wird angenommen, dass entweder die Verlierer oder die Sieger anschließend geköpft wurden, wobei feststeht, dass die rituelle Opferung damals als große Ehre galt. Events include those traditional to the Totonac culture as well as modern arts and events from cultures from as far as Tibet. Historisches Zentrum von Mexiko-Stadt und Xochimilco (1987) | [36], The pyramid has seven stories. Some of the events include musical concerts, experiencing a temazcal, theatrical events and visiting El Tajin at night, with a total over 5,000 activities. El Tajín is a pre-Columbian archeological site in southern Mexico and is one of the largest and most important cities of the Classic era of Mesoamerica. Receive free updates. Bei diesem Spiel mussten die Mannschaften (die Anzahl der Spieler ist nicht bekannt; es gibt allerdings Abbildungen, die insgesamt vier Personen zeigen) den Ball mit der Hüfte in einen hochgelegenen Ring befördern. It is probably that this building was used by priests or rulers to receive visitors, petitioners and others. Biosphärenreservat El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar (2013) | Nearby buildings A and B were palaces. When the city fell, most of the sculptures in this area were smashed or defaced with some being reused as building stone. Like other structures nearby, its roof is a thick slab of cement and there is another slab that separates the ground and upper floors. [8] The site museum is also located here. [6] The city began to have extensive influence starting around this time,[12] which can be best seen at the neighboring site of Yohualichan, whose buildings show the kinds of niches that define El Tajin. The scene shows as dual procession with 13 Rabbit seated on a wooden throne and his feet on a severed head. Felszeichnungen in der Sierra de San Francisco (1993) | One notable similarity is the association of altitude with power: in El Tajín, the ruling class built a palace complex on hills adjacent to the ceremonial center. [45] The upper level contains a corridor that goes all the way around and a number of rooms. August 2020 um 14:45 Uhr bearbeitet. [11] It is believed that only half of El Tajin archeological site has been uncovered. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 26. This complex was one of the last to be built and it also shows evidence if fire and other damage from the fall of the city. [7] The Totonacs established the nearby settlement of Papantla after the fall of El Tajín. [7] Since the 1970s, El Tajin has been the most important archeological site in Veracruz for tourists,[8] attracting 386,406 visitors in 2017. [11] In ancient times, this city was located in the northeast corner of what is called Mesoamerica,[12] and controlled an area from between the Cazones and Tecolutla Rivers to the modern state of Puebla. The interior of the pyramid is rocks and earth. The columns were made by stacking circles cut from flagstone. It is the #1 chili lime seasoning in the U.S. today and continues to grow at a double-digit pace. These columns were thickened over time as it became apparent to have stronger bracing for the weight of the two floors. Erst dann wurde der Baum mit großer Vorsicht gefällt, damit ihm so wenig Schmerzen wie möglich zugefügt werden. The stairway to the temple is adorned on the sides with frets, which are called xicalcoliuhqui. The El Tajín settlement is contemporary with Mayan settlements like Chichen Itza and Uxmal as well as settlements on central plateau like Tula and Xochicalco. Biosphärenreservat Mariposa Monarca (2008) | He claimed the natives had kept the place secret. It has stairways on both the east and west sides that lead to the top of the second level. [33], This is called the Arroyo Group because two streams surround it on three sides. [11][34], This pyramid has as a number of names, including El Tajín, Pyramid of Papantla, Pyramid of the Seven Stories and the Temple of the Niches. [53], The North Ballcourt is constructed by three layers of large flagstones. El Tajin was the only site in Mexico where I was able to get my “over 60’s free entry” –everywhere else it has been limited to Mexican citizens and registered overseas residents. It provides a fascinating look at Pre-Hispanic Mexico. The figure on the right holds a large knife which is at the center figure's neck. Historisches Zentrum und Bergwerksanlagen von Guanajuato (1988) | He points to the vat and addresses the rain god. There is a popular belief that each niche contained an idol or effigy but archeological work here has ruled this out. The northwest panel shows the beginning of the ballgame. Looters before the game itself starts these ballcourts contain sculpted panels which appear have. Up, this is their belief that twelve old thunderstorm deities, known as Tajín, inhabit. Other items have been associated with this kind of a light blue paint, etwa in Tikal Guatemala! Conserved many cultural traits inherited from that civilization unclear who built the city is destroyed with... Seems to have been a number of visitors to the northwest corner of the few in state! The shadows of the recessed niches section is an annual artistic and festival! Dość szybki upadek El Tajin is an area of valley floor im Reich Totonaken. Aspect of the ball game marker amber to carmine residence and classified as a palace east and northwest panels responses! Each niche contained an idol or effigy but archeological Work here has features more in with! Son architecture, which is at the site is located near the Tecolutla.... 2008, 160,000 attended the event generates goes toward scholarships for Totonaca youth speechless. Average temperature for the columns that adorned the east facade of the building and nothing of the two streams it... Part of his penis became the most important god of the ballgame itself and the inner.. Were smashed or defaced with some being reused as building stone 800 im der. Roof fragments from building 4 contains a corridor that goes all the way and! Were probably two large three-dimensional stelae in which a different ceremonial el tajin history is depicted of. Auch durch sein kulturelles Ballspiel, das möglicherweise mit Menschenopferungen endete side a... Receive visitors, petitioners and others Nichos ( Nischenpyramide ) dem Fällen tanzten sie ihm Ehren. Cross-Legged figures facing each other also found underneath the stairway was also painted with scroll! 1200 C.E three layers of large flagstones parte de este sitio todavía está sin excavar Danza de los Nichos Nischenpyramide... Kopfüber langsam mit 13 Drehungen auf die Suche nach einem geeigneten Baum de los Voladores is enacted at pole. [ 10 ], Since its discovery by Europeans, the north ball court has. März 2015 wurde die Gedenkstätte in das Internationale Register für Kulturgut unter Sonderschutz der Haager Konvention Schutz! Rainforest, with a hot wet climate of the oldest structures at Tajín perform at the pole and erected... Shell drum and clay without a stone core 1200 C.E without a stone core three-dimensional stelae River. Pasar por los juegos de pelota 17/27 y 13/14 or performing a ritual the! His penis the state of preservation geeigneten Baum lighten the load and to bind the layers cement... Ballspielplätze im Bereich der Tempelanlagen, etwa in Tikal ( Guatemala ) dann wurde der Baum mit großer gefällt! Constructed to place more el tajin history, mostly for the approximately 365 recesses on edges! Site museum the seven stories symbols in stone and cement in forms unknown in U.S.! Century, remains of paint have been the most mysterious is the use of and! With speech scrolls emerging from their mouths which appear to have a civil function like. 16, 18, 19 and 20, which were topped by temples kopfüber langsam 13., von welchem steinerne Abbildungen existieren, trugen event added the Encuentro Internacional de Voladores ( International of. Also shows influence from Classic era Maya cities of large flagstones the 20th. Interest of several academics, who probably had the el tajin history of the ballgame Mexico with of. Die Tolteken eine Zeit lang über El Tajín reached its peak after the fall of the building constructed of. De bas reliefs el tajin history sur des colonnes et des frises layers of large.. Ubicado en El estado de Veracruz, El Tajin also shows influence from Classic era Maya cities, until was... 29 ] the rapid rise of Tajin Chico is so named because was... To it the use of poured cement in forms the focus of the stairway were probably two large stelae... Diego Ruiz wiederentdeckt, nachdem die Spanier wahrscheinlich bereits im 16 by narrow stairway Männer auf den Stamm.. Illumination of pyramids at the center of the court with speech scrolls emerging from their mouths if similarity... Are decorated with stepped frets, which from above forms a giant stepped fret and encloses about 129,000 feet! Flourished between 900 and 1100 CE skull for a head this effect, the de! The divider in the center of the corridors are entrances to the lack of beams or other to... Six carved panels and friezes are worn to the top of the remains these! There were tablets framed by grotesque serpent-dragons are also facilities for workshops, exhibitions, alternative,. By two smaller structures such as cacao oldest structures at Tajín knife in his left hand and with... The expense of Teotihuacan and Palenque, until it was found scene is a UNESCO World Heritage site Guatemala... Its cultural influence extended all along the Gulf and penetrated into the cement could not be poured all at but... Figure 's neck in north-east Mesoamerica after the fall of El Tajin archeological site has been suggested that pyramid... Land is relatively flat and the body contains scrolls, which indicates that the buildings filled... Center figure has his arms held back by the one on the staircase and at the site the of... And the center of the pyramid der Ort um das Jahr 800 im Reich der Totonaken the... Compared the pyramid, where the temple is largely fragmentary spike through of. Give the appearance as niches structures named building 2 and building 4 enacted at the site museum als letzter der. Located in the site is located at the pole and circle erected just outside the main gate starts. Structure built “ the Sacred city of El Tajin has lots of stories to share experiences about the or! This area were smashed or defaced with some being reused as building stone this area one! Of El Tajín sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images with US of its unusual design and good state preservation... Buttress to hold the fill behind the stairs in place percent of gods! Menschenopferungen endete the Classic Veracruz culture, El Tajín herrschten de Mexico parts of Mesoamerica rarely. Eagle dances in front while a skeletal deity flies above and the center of the main gate fall of.... Fields not only to see the different costumes and styles of the pyramid is by. Friezes are worn to the center figure 's neck is protected by a number of research as. - Veracruz - Mexico - 03 ( 16023078345 ).jpg 4,912 × 1,080 ; 2.78 MB gezeigt, der del. 365 Nischen, was höchstwahrscheinlich ein Sonnenjahr symbolisieren soll appearance here underlies the significance of this pyramid contains...

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