Monday, April 24, 2017

First Quarter 941 Forms Are Due Soon!

When you own a business, the work never stops. The buck starts and stops with you, and you’re the one responsible for making sure every i is dotted and every t crossed. You’re also the one who’s responsible for filing your business’s quarterly tax return with the IRS (or, at least, responsible for delegating that task to someone).

And, wouldn’t you know it, with the ending of 2017’s first fiscal quarter in March, we’re coming up on the deadline to file your First Quarter 941 Form! This year, it’s May 1, 2017, since April 30 falls on a Sunday. That means you have just over a week left to get that paperwork filed!

But what if you decided not to file paperwork?

As we pointed out a couple of weeks ago, it’s possible to e-file your quarterly tax forms with the IRS, which would save you time and save the Earth a few trees. So that’s something to think about after Earth Day weekend.

Now, with your 1099s, you’ve got a different deadline for e-filing than for paper filing. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the 941 Forms. Since these forms report quarterly information and those quarters - like time - keep marching on there isn’t much space in the calendar to have a paper filing and e-filing deadline for the 941 Forms.

Still, there are other benefits to e-filing Form 941 that paper filing just can’t offer. For one thing, e-filing is exponentially faster than paper filing. For another example, most programs that are IRS-authorized to file Form 941 also offer the option to pay your taxes for the quarter right there through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or send a check later. And when you e-file with someone like our sister product, TaxBandits, your 941 Form will be sent through a series of error checks before you transmit to ensure everything was filled out correctly.

Time’s running out to get those 941 Forms filed for the first quarter of 2017 so if you haven’t decided how you’re going to be filing, might we suggest TaxBandits? Like ACAwise, it’s a faster, easier alternative to traditional IRS e-filing and, also like ACAwise, has some of the best online security in the business. If you’d like more information on getting started, give us a call and we’ll get you in touch with an TaxBandits team member right away. You can also call them directly at (704) 684-4751.

Happy (e-)filing!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Don't Forget: The ACA Extension Deadline is Coming Up!

Hey there, ACA filers! If you used Form 8809 way back before March 31 this year to extend the deadline to file your Affordable Care Act Forms 1094 and 1095 with the IRS, here’s your friendly reminder that your new and extended deadline is coming up soon!

There’s no doubt that March was a busy month, which means you would’ve had to rush through your return to get it done, and that’s why the IRS came up with deadline extension forms: to help make sure you can get your forms completed and filed correctly. So the original deadline was March 31, 2017, for your tax year 2016 ACA Forms and you applied for a 30-day extension with Form 8809, which means your new deadline is coming up in less than two weeks on April 30, 2017.

But wait, you may be saying, the 30th is on a Sunday and right you are! So technically your real deadline is May 1, 2017, since the IRS will be closed on your official new deadline.

Now, some of you may have taken Form 8809 one step further and applied for a non-automatic, additional 30 days to file with a second paper 8809 Form. If that’s the case, your deadline’s still coming up, but not as quickly - May 31st rather than April 30th.

And if you still need somewhere to file, you can do so quickly and easily right here with ACAwise! Just upload your ACA data as you already have it and our program does the rest. Review your forms once they’re done then securely transmit them to the IRS. Simple as that.

If you have any questions about the extended deadline or getting started with ACAwise, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re available Monday through Friday by phone (704-954-8420) and live chat and offer 24/7 assistance via email at

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Not Ready for Tax Day? We Can Help!

Okay, guys, we already got a little bit of an extension with Tax Day, what with the 15th falling on a Saturday and today being Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in Washington, D.C.

However, just because you got a little more time that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready ready to file your personal tax return. Hey, we get it: tax forms can be a hassle and it’s incredibly normal to want to put off dealing with hassles for as long as we’re able. In fact, the IRS understands this tendency in human nature, which is why extension applications are available for most return forms.

For the 1040 Series, which includes Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040-EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR, and 1040-PS and is used to report personal income tax information, that extension application is Form 4868.

BUT! If you want to get an extension with Form 4868, you’ll need to act fast! It’s due on Tax Day too, which is Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in case you needed a reminder. Luckily, unlike your tax return, Form 4868 is super quick and easy to complete and when you e-file it, you’ll likely get an approval from the IRS within 15 minutes.

We can agree taking maybe 20 minutes to get 6 more months to file your personal tax return is not much of a hassle at all. And we could argue that ExpressExtension is the best place to complete and e-file Form 4868 online! We may have revealed our bias last week when we introduced our sister product, but it really does have it all: a simplified, interview-style form completion process, built-in error checks, tax liability payment options, and best of all - that quick return on your 4868’s IRS acceptance confirmation.

Now, it’s important to remember that Form 4868 doesn’t extend the deadline to pay any taxes you may owe. Those still need to be sent by April 18. Form 4868 is meant to only extend the amount of time to file the tax forms that make up your personal return.

So, if you’re ready to get six more months to file your personal tax return, pop on over to and sign up to get started!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Form 1040 Filers: Here's How You Can Get 6 Extra Months to File!

No matter what kind of business you run and ACA Forms you file, chances are, you file some version of the Form 1040 for your personal taxes. And whether it’s Form 1040, 1040A, 1040-EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR, or 1040-SS, it’s due Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Unless that is, you apply for an extension!

That’s right: just like your ACA Forms and business tax return, your personal tax return deadline can be extended with just a little application. That application is Form 4868, by the way, the Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns. And like other extension applications, it doesn’t extend your time to pay any taxes you owe, but it does grant you an automatic 6-month extension to file your tax forms with the IRS*.

*That “with the IRS” bit is important: Form 4868 is a federal form, so it doesn’t extend your state personal tax deadline, but there may be a form available for your specific state you can utilize instead.

To complete 1040 extension Form 4868, you’ll just need to provide your basic taxpayer information (name, address, SSN), the form you normally file, and your estimated 2016 tax liability. In other words, you’ll need to state whether you expect a tax refund or what you plan to pay in taxes for the 2016 tax year. It’s okay if this is a guess, or even incorrect, so just try your best. If your income hasn’t changed much, you can probably even use previous-year returns to make a better estimate. You also have the option to go ahead and pay your taxes when you file Form 4868.

Another point to note about Form 4868: if you plan on filing your taxes jointly with a spouse, you’ll need to indicate so on your application. You’ll also need to provide your spouse’s taxpayer information, including their name, address, and social security number. And, of course, the deadline to have Form 4868 submitted is the same as your tax return deadline (April 18).

Well, you know if we introduced the form to you, we’ve got a way for you to e-file it! You may have heard us mention before about our sister product, ExpressExtension (they also offer the 7004 Extension Form). And if you can put two and two together, you know exactly where we’re going: you can quickly and easily e-file Form 4868 through ExpressExtension!

Just head on over to to learn more or to get started! And if you have any questions, you can always give us a call and we’ll put you in contact with a member of our just-as-stellar ExpressExtension support team, or you can call them yourself at (803) 514-5155.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

5 Ways to De-Stress After ACA Season

Unless you used the Form 8809 extension, it’s safe to say that by this point your Affordable Care Act filing for the 2016 tax year is over and done with*! Time to take a deep breath and relax!

(*PS, if it’s not, that’s fine, just check out what to do if you still need to file after the deadline!)

The first quarter’s always a big one for the parts of running a business that aren’t necessarily as fun - you’ve got tax filing and now ACA filing, all the while you’re trying to predict and plan for how things are going to go for the rest of the year. Sometimes (like now), it takes a little more than a deep breath to deeply de-stress.

Look, you’ve got about a week or so before personal taxes are due, so why not take a bit of that time to yourself to forget about the stresses of the past few weeks and ready yourself for the year to come? Sound good? Good! Because we’ve got a few suggestions for how you can do just that:

Take a Looong Bath
A long, hot bath is just what the doctor ordered for slowing down the outside world and the one going on in your head. A hot bath before bed can help you get a better night’s sleep and relaxes sore back muscles, which tense up when you get stressed. A 2002 study even found that the combination of bodily comfort, warmth, isolation, and body position (aka being warm, horizontal, and alone) that comes from a bath can significantly improve mood and optimism.

Get a Massage
You probably don’t need us to tell you that getting a massage can do wonders for your stress levels. You probably also don’t need us to tell you that taking the time to go get a massage isn’t always an option, time-wise or financially. Luckily, there are techniques you can try at home to help keep the stress at bay until you can make an appointment with that masseuse!

Take a Hike
Or go for a walk with your dog. Or your significant other. Or yourself. The point we’re getting at here is for you to get active in nature. Sunlight stimulates serotonin, your feel-good neurotransmitter, while the rhythm and repetition of walking can have a tranquilizing effect on the brain. And when your brain’s calm, you’ll feel your anxiety levels decrease, your sleep improve, and your stress on the way out the door.

Eat Some Sweets
Of course, we don’t want you to binge and go overboard, but rewarding yourself with a few sweet treats can help your stress levels go down. A spoonful of honey, for example, can give you an instant energy kick and is packed with antioxidant and antibacterial properties to get you feeling good. And when you feel good, you manage your stress good - or, uh, well. Mangoes are also a great sweet treat for de-stressing; research from Japan shows that their sweet, tangy scent can actually alter your blood chemistry to help your body feel calm.

Go to a Concert or a Comedy
Music and laughter: two of stress’s biggest enemies! The University of Maryland has found that listening to music you love can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. Good for your heart, good for your stress levels, and, of course, good for your ears! And laughter: laughter has been found to reduce stress hormones and help your immune cells function better. With music and laughter, you’ll knock that stress right outta the park.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You need to know the fastest way to file your Form 941

women working to file 941 forms

If you’ve been in business a while - or maybe even as you’re just starting out - you’ve probably noticed things are always changing. In fact, one of the few things that likely hasn’t changed since you opened your business’s doors is filing your quarterly Form 941 tax report with the IRS the tried and true way: on paper. Until now! You need to know the fastest way to file your Form 941.

E-file IRS Form 941 Today and Save Time

The IRS has been making the effort to digitize the filing process by offering e-filing options for more and more required tax and information returns. IRS Form 941, a quarterly form, is the perfect example of how making the leap to e-filing could save you time and effort. And not only is e-filing simpler, the parameters that go into setting up an IRS-authorized e-filing transmittal system make e-filing the safer and more secure option as well.

E-file Form 941 with an IRS-authorized e-file provider, like ACAwise’s sister product, TaxBandits. Follow these 5 easy steps to e-file your Form 941 today:
  1. Sign up with TaxBandits
  2. Select to file a Form 941.
  3. Enter your employer information.
  4. Enter your wage and tax data.
  5. Review your form, pay any taxes due, and transmit to the IRS.
business women used TaxBandits to e-file IRS Form 941

TaxBandits is brought to you by the same people you already trust at ACAwise; you can trust that they’ve simplified the process even further with their step-by-step instructions and built-in error checks.

There’s no better time than the present to save yourself time, especially since the first quarter deadline for Form 941.

E-file your Form 941 forms today, and check out TaxBandits to transmit your Form 941!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Miss the ACA Deadline? Here's What You Need to Do

Okay, guys the Affordable Care Act Form deadline was March 31! How many of you made it?

*Looks around like a teacher hoping all her students have their hands raised because they did the homework.*

If you didn’t, that’s okay: this isn’t actually school, so we understand things get in the way. No metaphorical principal’s office for you.

The IRS, too, can be a little understanding in these cases, but you’ll need to get to an IRS office or contact them another way. They’re lenient enough to forgive any late filing penalties IF you can prove something super serious kept you from being able to file your ACA Forms. And their leniency will go a lot farther if you’ve since filed - or are currently making efforts to file - complete, correct returns.

So, what do you need to do?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t dispute any IRS penalties until you’ve been assigned them, so just get yourself mentally prepared for that letter.

(Remember: the IRS will only initiate contact with you by postal mail. If you receive an unprompted email or phone call from the IRS saying you owe money or asking for your social security number, use discretion and contact your local IRS office immediately to verify because it’s most likely a scam.)

In the meantime, make sure to get your ACA Forms filed as quickly as possible. At this point, e-filing is pretty much the only way to go, especially since the paper filing deadline was February 28. But, no worries: e-filing is more secure, less likely to result in errors or a rejection, and is way, way faster than completing your forms on paper.

And wouldn’t you know it, IRS-authorized ACAwise is still accepting ACA filings for the 2016 tax year! So go ahead and sign up now to get those forms in ASAP!

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